Blade Runner With Dyna-Shield Anti-Fatigue Mats - Dry Settings

SKU: SMG-413-23
Min Quantity Max Quantity Price
1 1 $30.00
5 5 $25.00
15 15 $0.00

Features & Specifications

  • Blade runner features a corrugated rib surface that allows for sure footing and can be swept clean quickly. 
  • Unique Dyna-Shield PVC sponge is manufactured with a durable protective top layer that provides you years of use.
  • Designed for use in medium duty dry work areas such as labs, packaging stations, and shipping departments where traffic flows along the length of the mat.
  • Closed cell PVC sponge comppound relieves leg and back comfort.
  • All four sides beveled to prevent trip hazards.
  • Performs best in dry environments
  • Thickness - 1/2"
  • Blade Runner anti-fatigue mat has custom sizes available in 2', 3', and 4' widths.
  • Blade Runner anti-fatigue mat is offered in black or black/yellow.