Mail Master RMP Series Risers - 62 3/8" Width

Min Quantity Max Quantity Price
1 1 $430.00
4 4 $0.00

RMP Series Mail Sorter Riser #RMP500

Features & Specifications

  • RMP series risers work in conjunction with mail master mail sorters that are 5 columns in width (62 3/8") and in letter or legal depth
  • Risers mount to mailroom tables with screws that are provided and are typically used to elevate a mail master mail sorter to increase the table surface area
  • Mail master rmp risers are made out of formed steel with 2 side panels, a back panel, and 2" front channel
  • 7", 12", 19 1/2", or 26 1/2" riser height choices
  • Height clearance is 2 1/4" less than the overall height of the mail master riser
  • Interior width clearance is 1 1/2" less than the overall width
  • Risers are available in letter (11 1/4"D) or legal size (15 1/4"D) depth
  • 1 1/4" cable hole with grommet is standard in our RMP Series risers
  • Optional 1" laminated wood top is offered for use without mail sorter
  • All RMP series risers require a mail sorter or a laminated wood top
  • Select from an array of baked enamel finishes for risers
  • Selection of laminate wood top finishes to choose from
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