Wall Mounted Mail Sorter With 40 Pockets


Wall Mount Mail Sorters Free Up Floor Space

Most growing businesses are challenged to stay organized while keeping their floor space from becoming overcrowded. Wall mounted mail sorters have proved to be the right answer for many organizations need to stay organized while keeping their floor space from being cluttered. Wall hung mail organizers mount to an existing a wall with factory provided wall brackets which support the overall weight capacity of the unit which is five pounds per pocket opening. In addition, the mail sorter has a steel back to provide a stable installation to the wall. Wall hung mail sorters feature adjustable shelves in one inch increments, multiple melamine finishes for the sorter’s shell, and numerous painted finishes for the organizer’s shelves. Exposed edges on the mail sorter are finished with a color matched PVC trim. Samples for the melamines, paint finishes, and the PVC edging trim are available.

Features & Specifications

  • Overall dimensions: 26 1/2"H x 62 3/8"W x 12 1/4"D (letter size) or 16 1/4" (legal size)
  • Wall hung mail sorters are available with closed sorter back only
  • Letter depth (12 1/4") mail sorter weighs 150 lbs. whereas legal depth (16 1/4") mail sorter weighs 220 lbs.
  • Wall hung mail organizers include factory furnished steel brackets which must be field installed at wall studs
  • Interior mail sorter housing hardware which holds shelves in position and also called standards are painted black
  • Letter or legal mail sorter modules have thirty five adjustable shelves with forty pocket openings
  • Wall hung mail sorter steel back facilitates a stable installation and the sorter back is painted in the same finish as the buyer sorter shelf finish selection
  • Wall mounted mail sorter shell and vertical dividers with the exception of steel sorter back to support wall hanging are constructed out of 3/4" 45-50 lb. substrate (particle board) with thermally fused finish and included factory matched 3/8" PVC on edges
  • Legal and letter size sorter modules include one shelf (adjustable in 1" increments) for every three inches providing 2 1/2" clearance between shelves
  • Steel mail sorter shelves have a 90 degree 1/2" lip label area with center cut out for easy retrieval of sorter’s pocket contents
  • Depth can be ordered in letter size (12 1/4") or legal size (16 1/4") which allows a net opening for letter sort modules of 11 1/4"W x 11 1/4"D or legal office sorters of 11 1/4"W x 15 1/4"
  • Allow for 3 to 4 weeks for lead-time (lead-times can vary during peak production times)

Optional Features

Finish for Sorter Shelves

(STANDARD) Finishes for surface mounted mailroom sorter shelves are an electrostatic powder coat paint. The paint is solvent free and endorsed by the EPA. All of the paint finishes are priced equally and color chips can be requested by the buyer at no cost.

Melamine Finish for Sorter Shell

(STANDARD) The wall hung mail sorter shell (except steel sorter back) is finished in a decorative melamine which is durable too. Please take note that wall hung mail sorters have a steel shell back and are finished the same as the mail sorter’s shelves.

Label Holder Option

(+$40.00) Label holders allow the buyer to identify each pocket opening. If this option is ordered you will be provided with the applicable amount of clear plastic label holders with double sided tape and cardboard inserts for a personalized marking for each pocket opening.

Mail Sorter Overall Depth

(STANDARD) 12 1/4" (Letter size) sorter depth is the choice for storing documents that are 8 ½”W x 11” and is usually adequate for most customer applications.

(+$120.00) 16 1/4" (Legal size) mail sorter depth is for buyers who want more storage space for their documents.