8 Occupant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

Min Quantity Max Quantity Price
1 1 $2,535.00
2 2 $0.00

Cluster Box Units Provide Stingy Defense

Once they get into your life they hard to get out of your life. This statement is certainly true when it comes to identity theft predators. USA Building Supplies’ cluster box units provide strong defense against these unscrupulous guests looking to wreak havoc in your life. In today’s digital age the mail is often overlooked by many as a method for predators to obtain their identity. Thankfully, with the Postal Service’s focus on the security of the mail and the introduction the F Series cluster box unit many of your worries are relieved. The cluster box unit which represents approximately 50% of all new commercial mailbox sales is generally regarded as the most secure mail receptacle in the marketplace. The security of the cluster box coupled with the trend moving towards centralized mail receptacles certainly reduces the chance that identity theft via the mail will occur.

Features & Specifications

  • Cluster box units have evolved from their inception in the late 1990s to the current F Series cluster mailboxes.
  • Postal Service felt the need to update their specification for pedestal mailboxes to increase the security of the cluster box unit.
  • Cluster boxes from USA Building Supplies provides the marketplace have less pry points, robust resident doors, locked outgoing mail, and comply to USPS specification 1118-F.
  • Stainless steel and aircraft aluminum construction keeps away most vandals and thieves.
  • Cluster mailboxes must pass stringent temperature tests to gain postal certification.
  • Attractive powder coat finish resists abrasions and protects your unit against the elements.
  • Anti-fish plate installed in the interior of the postal access door deters thieves from breaking into the master compartment.
  • Eight door cluster box unit has two self-contained parcel lockers that measure 12"W x 13 ½"H and 12"W x 10"H which eliminates additional trips to the Post Office 
  • Flat mail, envelopes, magazines, and other varied sizes of mail can be accommodated by the 12"W x 3"H x 15"D individual tenant doors.
  • Heavy duty cam locks with three keys permits the property manager to keep at least one extra key in their possession.
  • Per postal direction anchor bolts for installing into the concrete are not provided
  • Cluster box units are front loading.
  • USA Building Supplies incorporates the pedestal into your pricing of your cluster box unit.

Matching pedestal is included in pricing!

Optional Features

Finish Option

(NO CHARGE FOR DIFFERENT FINISH CHOICES) Finish choices are offered in six different powder coat finishes. The finish of the cluster box unit is rated for indoor or outdoor applications

Door Id Option

(STANDARD) Custom engraved placards are a commonly used door identification option for cluster box units. Each self-adhesive metal placard measures 1.75"W x 1.5"H x .025"D and can be customized alpha-numerically to your requirements up to four characters.

(+$50.00) Custom engraved door identification for cluster boxes offers the customer a permanent clean door identification option. The engraved characters on your compartment doors will be silver with this door identification option because the unit is manufactured from aluminum. Please specify up to 4 character maximum for your engraved door identification.

(+$50.00) Custom black filled engraving adds a touch of class to your mailbox. Each cluster box unit door is engraved with the characters you specify and then filled in with a black ink to enhance the door identification.


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