Phone Locker With Entry Panel With 35/34 Usable

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Cell Phone Lockers Provide Device Security

Cell phone lockers are beginning to be the norm when it comes to building security. Cell phone cabinets provide secure storage for your visitor’s cell phone thus providing protection for the business owner and for the guest when their device is not with them. Units can be ordered in recessed or surface mount. Most cell phone lockers can also be mounted into a free-standing enclosure which allows for more location flexibility. These personal storage lockers can be outfitted with either master keyed locks or resettable combination locks. Cell phone lockers can have the exterior of the door compartments identified either by cardholders or engraved door identification to differentiate one occupant storage compartment from another. Powder coat finishes are available in bronze, gold, aluminum or sandstone to provide durability. Cell phone cabinets are rated for indoor use only.

Cell Phone Cabinet Features

  • Warranted for indoor use only
  • 3 year factory warranty
  • Peronalized configurations are available, however minimum purchase requirements and up charges may apply
  • Fabricated of all aluminum for a long product life
  • Great for holding phones, bill folds, wallets, digital cameras, keys, and other valuable small items
  • Front access panel provides master entry all compartments at one time, however control door is not a usable compartment
  • Door arrangements are available in 7, 6, 5, and 4 doors high
  • Unit has thirty five 6 1/2"W x 5 1/4"H with thirty four usable doors (one door dedicated for master door) with 7H x 5W configuration
  • Surface mount cell phone cabinets with 8" deep compartments have an overall depth of 9 1/4" deep whereas recessed mount lockers have an overall depth of 8 3/4"
  • Overall unit size: 37"W x 42"H
  • Rough wall opening for recessed mounted lockers is 2 1/4" less than the unit's width and 2 1/4" less than locker's height and equal to the recessed unit's depth

Optional Features

Finish Option

(STANDARD) Finish choices are available in three colors and the finish provides durability for your cell phone locker. Color chips can be provided upon request.

Lock Type

(STANDARD) Keyed locks are the most common lock type ordered by customers. In an entry panel cell phone locker the supervisor gains access to any of the visitor doors through a dedicated master door which allows them to swing open the entire face panel.

(+$740.00) Combination locks are resettable and are ideal for environments when visitors change from time to time. Combination locks also provide keyless entry into guest doors. A master key also allows entry for a owner or supervisor to any of the door compartments.

Mount Option

(STANDARD) Surface mounted cell phone lockers are typically attached to a wall and are usually ordered by clients who have an existing building

(NO EXTRA CHARGE) Recessed mounted cell phone cabinets are mounted into a wall opening and provide a finished appearance after installation. Recessed cell phone lockers are commonly ordered by customers who are planning or currently building a new building.

Door Id

(STANDARD) Cardholders are a type of door identification that allows the end user to identify each storage compartment door as they desire. Each door compartment comes with a 2"W x 5/8"H clear plastic cardholder and card for identifying purposes.

(+$165.00) Custom engraved doors are engraved by the factory as you direct them to do so. Custom engraved doors enhance the appearance of your cell phone locker. The engraved characters will appear on the doors as a silver color because the cell phone cabinet is constructed from aluminum.

(+$95.00) Custom engraved placards are another form of door id that is a self-adhesive placard that measures 2"W x 0.625"H x 0.25"D that can be engraved as you direct.

(+$165.00) Custom black filled engraving is a decorative door id option which the engraved characters on the doors will appear in black. Black filled engraving door id option allows you to choose how you would like each door engraved and enhances the overall appearance of your cell phone locker.

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